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Monday, 29 August 2016


Stevie Riks..A Short introduction..


I was born in The Docklands of a Town called Ellesmere Port one Cloudy day , further back than i care to remember. It was a small Village then, in fact we had to kill a bloke to start a Cemetry. But i was happy in my own little way. Originally my parents were thinking of calling me Tuesday, thats because my Dad took one look at me and said, "I think we better call it a day". When i was a child i think its safe to say i was a Loner, i never played with anyone, not even myself. When i was 4 i had an Imaginary friend, until i fell out with him. I remember once saying to my Dad, "I want something to wear and something to play with", he bought me a pair of trousers and cut the pockets out. You see my Dad was a bit Old Fashioned where money was concerned, in fact i'm sure the only reason we got Double Glazing was so i wouldnt hear the Ice Cream van. But there are certain things from that period that i remember Vividly, like the first time i heard The Beatles..The first time i had Sex, I was petrified, "I was on my own", and the first time i made someone laugh, "I knew i should have sewn the Flyhole up in My pyjamas". The house i was brought up in was extremely tiny, in fact it was that small, youd put the key in the front door and smash the back window. The walls were that thin you could hear the next door neigbours change their minds. It was a tough Area, in fact it was that rough Joe Bugner was the Avon Lady. My Mother once sent me to the shops because she wanted a pair of stockings, when i asked the shop assistant he said, "What Size face?" But out of all this, i grew up to be me, which isnt such a bad thing, is it? As Charlie Chaplin once said, "A Day Without Laughter Is A Day wasted", try tellin that to someone whose just lost their Million Pound Lottery ticket. Anyway there is an Old saying which ive just invented which goes something like, "If you can keep your head while all around you, people are losing theirs, you'll be the tallest person in the room. I firmly believe that. Be Happy.

Stevie Riks 2010

Peace and Love (As Ringo would say)..Mind you he'd also say, "No Autographs"



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